Who Is Bill Fortenberry?


  • I started my first business right out of high school by repairing, updating, and selling used computers. Since then, I've either started or helped start five successful businesses. I have a passion for small businesses, and I want your business to succeed. That's why I started Fortenberry Marketing.


    One of the biggest challenges a small business faces is marketing. I remember helping my dad start his business with barely enough capital to get it up and running. We had nothing at all left over for marketing, so I developed my 1-10-10 strategy for marketing on Facebook without using paid ads.


    Using this strategy, I was able to reach up to 50,000 people per week with our Facebook posts. I've used this same strategy to help several businesses grow from reaching 10 or 20 people per week to reaching thousands per week, and I want to teach you how to get those kinds of results too.