Unlock Explosive Facebook Growth:

    No Ads, Just Organic Reach!

    Discover the 1-10-10 Strategy to Catapult Your Views to More Than 50,000 per Week on Facebook.

  • Revolutionize the way you use Facebook!

    Learn the game-changing 1-10-10 Strategy that's helping small businesses thrive on Facebook! This course teaches you how to attract tens of thousands of views per week, leveling the playing field with larger competitors without the need for a big budget. Gain the competitive edge you need and learn to maximize visibility and drive real growth. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your business's online presence!

  • Benefits

    - Peace of mind knowing that your business is growing with each post


    - Freedom to reduce your marketing budget and use the savings to grow your business in other areas


    - More time to spend with family and friends instead of trying to figure out paid ads

  • Overview

    1. Introduction: Why your business needs a Facebook page

    2. Why your Facebook page is NOT producing results

    3. The 1-10-10 strategy

    4. Best practices: Posting photos

    5. Best practices: Finding, joining, and sharing in groups

    6. Page design: The top of the page

    7. Page design: The “About” page


    Worksheets and Guides

    1. Product Identification Worksheet

    2. Seven P’s of Marketing

    3. Target Customer B2C

    4. Target Customer B2B

    5. Photography Shot List

    6. Infographic Shot List

    7. Page Health Checklist

    8. Group Comparison Worksheet

    9. Cover Photo Template

    10. Profile Picture Template

  • Testimonials

    "I highly recommend Bill Fortenberry of Fortenberry Marketing! He has been so helpful to us by showing us the process of how to use his Facebook marketing method to more effectively market our business. He was very informative and explained so many things to us that we may never have known! We really appreciate all of his help and would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a new marketing strategy for their business!" (Shelby Auto Service)


    "Bill was very professional and personable. He explained things to me about using FB that I never knew. My business page skyrocketed with views after he was finished! Thank you Bill! I would highly recommend!" (GlassHouse Design)


    "The workshop was very helpful. I came away with several key areas that needed improvement and a clear path to improve in these areas. Highly recommend!" (Fairhaven Baptist College)

  • What This Course Is NOT

    This course does NOT have a bunch of cute or inspirational stories. This is a business course not a motivational speech. If you want to hear me tell stories, I'd be happy to give a keynote address for your next event. I’ve either started or helped start 5 businesses, plus 2 non-profits, and 1 church. I’ve got all kinds of inspirational and motivational stories to share, but that’s not why you’re paying for this course, and I don’t want to waste your time with a bunch of fluff that isn’t going to help you grow your business.