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    How many of your customers see what you post on Facebook? The average post from a business is only seen by 6.4% of the people who follow their page. That's about where all of my clients started, but now that I've moved them to my 1-10-10 Strategy, their posts are seen by 300% or more of their page followers, which means that their Facebook page is actively attracting new customers for them every day!


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  • Are you spending a fortune to get leads from social media? Invite Bill to teach his 1-10-10 strategy to your marketing team, and get thousands of targeted leads without using any paid advertising!

  • Turn your Facebook page into a profit-generating machine!

    Dramatically increase your post views in one month with unlimited potential

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    This is a good first step to getting more profit from your Facebook page. You will receive a detailed report on your current page and a step-by-step improvement plan.

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    Focus on your area of expertise and let me manage your Facebook page for you. You will benefit from my 1-10-10 strategy driving business to you without the hassle of posting to your page.

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    Learn how to master my proprietary 1-10-10 strategy for generating results on Facebook. In this one-day session, your team will receive practical, hands-on training plus the tools and support that they need to make your Facebook page profitable.

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    Download my curated list of more than 130 business-friendly Facebook groups across Alabama.

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    Get the proprietary checklist that I use for my

    Facebook business page evaluations.

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    Learn the game-changing 1-10-10 Strategy that's helping small businesses thrive on Facebook!

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